Amkor Research and Development Facility in Chandler Sold to Digital Realty Trust for $24m

VIZZDA—February 1st, 2013 — Chandler-based chip manufacturer, Amkor Technologies, Inc., has sold its corporate headquarters and research facility to Digital Realty Trust for $23m. Digital Realty Trust is a leading provider of data center solutions and was represented by its CEO, Michael F. Foust. Gil Tily, as Executive Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and General Counsel oversaw the transaction for Amkor.

The 17.79 acre campus is located at the southwest corner of Price and Germann Roads and includes 43,044 ft2 of 2-story office built in 1996, 95,430 ft2 of warehouse and manufacturing in three buildings built in 1997 and 75,465 ft2 3-story office shell built in 2000. The $24m sales price represents a $112.18 price per square foot. It is not known nor are there documents to indicate, if Amkor intends to lease the facility.

The land on which the facility sits was acquired by the family trust of the founder of Amkor on July 3rd, 1995 for $679,706, no new debt with sale. Following construction of the bulk of the facility, ownership was transferred to Amkor on September 15th, 1997 for $5,709,504. From April 23rd, 2003 to March 2nd, 2006, Amkor encumbered the property with $630m in total debt with Citicorp and Bank of America, the final $100m of which was released with this sale.


Paul Dionne

Director of Analytics


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